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  • I was born on December 5
  • My occupation is stuff
  • I am a Girl
  • Littlerat1


    January 7, 2014 by Littlerat1

    Hi everyone!

    It seems that we havnt done anything much lately.

    I think we need to do something thats make the freezie spirit rise!

    I dont have anything in mind but PLEASE comment below if you have any ideas

    like,a celebration,poll, or anthing to bring us together

    In those terms,

    plleeeaaase keep editing and having fun!

    Your fellow freezie,

    Littlerat1 or Audrey

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  • Littlerat1

    great news!!

    January 5, 2014 by Littlerat1

    Attention freezies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This wiki will NOT shut down!!!!!!!

    Please return to this wiki and keep editing our pages!

    Addie is no longer with us do to un public reasons..............

    But why not be that ONE person to step up and help us rise up and take control one again!

    That just reminded me of when Elas builds her ice castle in her song "Let It Go"

    Elsa WAS the character of the year but it is 2014 now so im thinking about starting a new poll with everyone BUT Elsa so we can have a new winnerfor a new year!

    Back to the news,i hope everyone will enjoy this wiki and welcome back freezies!!!!!

    from your frosty friend,

    Littlerat1 or Audrey

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  • Littlerat1

    bad news

    January 1, 2014 by Littlerat1

    attention freezeis!!! bad news everyone

    The Frozen wiki might be shut down.

    Addie,Chad,and I talked to some other contributer or admin or founder (i dont know which one) from another wiki,that wiki has more pages so it was settled that addie,chad I will be admins on that wiki soooo it isnt completly settled I dont think but in two days i think it said the frozen wiki may shut down forever!

    but theres always that other wiki i mentioned! I dont have the link so i cant post it.

    If this wiki does shut down i just want to say thanks for helping everyone and long live the frozen wiki freezies!!!

    thanks again,

    Littlerat1 aka Audrey

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