Classic Author: Ms. Gemma Linas Buquiran


Director Chris Buck slides the magic of snow - from Hans Christian Andersen's Gerda, singing about roses in a window box garden' reminding of her love for Kai - to Queen Elsa of Arendelle, singing about snow to 'Let It Go' reminding her of fearless & protective love for her sister Princess Anna!

'Frozen' came with a Knight bearing 'Innocent love in the scale of fear versus love' robed as childhood snowman, Olaf -the comic snowman Anna and Elsa built together as kids.

The film inspires us to remember: The only footprint that remains in snow - is the good heart that sets its power free for the sake of hope and love. That is why 'The cold never bothered me anyway!'

'Frozen' is a blaze of Innocent Love! Innovative as clever an act for an animation!

SING-ALONG with Sweet Realities in FROZEN!

Musically, Classic Disney Movie, Frozen is ‘Inspirational celebration of Innocent Love Maturing to Wisdom of Conscious, Brave Love for family & the rest of this beautiful world.’

Scroll down to Sing Along Sweet Realities in Frozen!

1. Do you want to build a snowman? Remember: Do not judge the love you do not see.

Music is sung by Princess Ana inviting her sister Queen Elsa to play with her, when they are about 5 years young.

The scene captures a little girl wanting a sister to play with her but to no avail. What she does not know is that her sister hides to protect her from her snow-hand-magic she cannot control yet.

2. Frozen heart. ‘This icy force both foul and fair. Has a frozen heart worth mining.’ Lyrics Reminds us that Your heart is what your mind decides. Vice-versa! You are your own treasure. And can be someone else’s. Or can be the world’s!

3. Love is an open door. Is a sweet but – a warning about strangers’ intention – song! Remember! Strangers are not all lovers. Some are good some are lost.

4. For the first time in forever. When doors, gates & windows open for your world, it means chances can change your world. Conceal a bit on strangers whose intentions you are unaware of – and “Be the good girl You always have to be.”

5. In summer. Song reminds us that ‘We can dream of what we wish for – but Remember! Light is not good for a moth!

6. Let it go! Sacrificial love means accepting your own strengths & controlling what you can do with it. Be free! Let it go! And Remember! You stand & stay with the flare of love – ‘Be the good girl you always have to be!’ So that! ‘The storm never bothered me anyway!’

- Classic Author: Ms. Gemma Linas Buquiran

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