• Elise Woodford

    Part 1

    Alright, here's my idea for a Frozen 2. Elsa meets a handsome Prince from a fictional kingdom called Neveah. This so called handsome prince would be named Andrew. He would have a brother who's 18 named Dylan and Andrew is 21. Andrew's early life would be similar to Elsa's. He gets awoken by Dylan and asks if he wants to go ice skating. Andrew DOES NOT have the same powers as Elsa, in fact he doesn't even have any powers at all. He lives in a kingdom where it is very hot and snows rarely. It doesn't bother him because it snowed on his birth. His mother however dies at his birth so it's only his father King Augustus and his 'adoptive' mother Mary. Anyways, he and Dylan goes ice skating, and they have a little fun and then suddenly, And…

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