There is a SECRET to getting to your admin Dashboard.

In Jason's case- you write- Special:AdminDashboard after his wiki link. 

On any wiki- just add : Special:AdminDashboard after the link.

Then if you press enter and have access to the Admin Dashboard- this will show up. 

File:Admin Dashboard.png
However if you do not have rights- like me currently on Jason's wiki- this will show up instead.
File:Permission errors.png
Next, if you want to PROMOTE someone then go to the USER RIGHTS BUTTON. Then type in the username that you want to promote/block. Look at the following picture. 
Then hit ENTER. There you will see a list of a buncj of rights. Select B-Crat or all boxes for the desired position of that person. As I have done on my wiki- I selected all positions for myself in the following picture.
File:List of rights.png
Then just SAVE USER GROUPS, and you're finished. All that is left is to congratulate that User. 

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