• Buckmana

    A collection of my activities in Disney Infinity relating to Frozen.

    Just for fun, I took my Anna and Elsa figures to see the Frozen movie with me at the cinema.

    I was working on a realistic recreation of the Frozen set in Disney Infinity.
    Unforunately I ran out of memory before I could finish my work, but I got most of it done.
    My best work was Elsa's Ice Palace, complete with modelled interior.
    If anyone wants to know how to build this for themselves, I have a tutorial which will allow you to copy my model.
    Let met know if you want it and I will post it for you to read.

    Shovel Vs Frying Pan
    Just an idea I had.
    In Disney Infinity, the Corona Guards (Tangled) use a frying pan as a weapon to attack the player character.
    When I saw Anna use a shovel …

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