Dear everyone,

This is Iris, and it HAD to come to this, but Chad's resigning as Head Admin. :(. He's going over to the other Frozen Wiki, so wish him luck! :) Let's thank him for making Frozen Wiki an awesome experience for all of us. Me especially. Without him, I wouldn't have been an admin! 

BUT he has come to a decision, and he's made me the Head Admin! That means I'll be in charge of the chat meetings and interview, etc. :D *YESSSSS!!* So, thank you very much, Chad! But no, I don't mean redo the whole Wiki, despite the founder Littlerat1. I'm sure she's the head of everything, so... 

Btw, let's continue the polls of the months, but maybe add the other admins in? There's some that haven't been added yet. 

That's all! Thanks for reading!

♥☁Iris, aka Mojo, is here to save the day! :D 09:47, February 18, 2014 (UTC)

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