The Dressing Room
"The Dressing Room"


Royal handler



"The Dressing Room" is a deleted scene from Frozen. The scene is preceded by "Halt, You Swine!". It was removed after the directors decided that the interaction would be counter-productive to the fact that the sisters were separated. The short, bespectacled royal handler at the end of the scene ultimately became the Duke of Weselton.[1]


Elsa freezes a vase containing flowers, causing it to smash. Anna enters the room and quickly covers up the mess with a cloth. Elsa sees Anna covered in water and asks her what happened. After giving a short explanation, Anna goes through a wardrobe and tries to find a suitable dress to wear for Elsa's coronation. Anna tries on a couple of dresses and plays around in them, making Elsa laugh. However, amidst her shenanigans, Anna ends up touching Elsa, to the latter's dismay. Before they can discuss the matter further, the sisters are interrupted by the royal handler.


Jennifer Lee One of the scenes we really wanted, but we did have to cut, [Transition to a succession of two clips from the scene.] was a dressing room scene. [Transition back to directors.] We wanted the girls to interact the way a lot of us who have siblings and sisters do when you share a room and just borrow each other's stuff, [Transition to succession of another two clips from the scene.] but we found that once they were divided, [Transition back to directors.] we needed to keep them divided. But we have a little scene to show you we call "The Dressing Room" scene. That was just kind of a fun bit to put the girls together.
Chris Buck What I love about it too is it really was the beginning of finding Anna's personality out.
Jennifer Lee Yeah, yeah.
Chris Buck Really that quirky ... quirky, fun, goofy personality that she's got.
Jennifer Lee Yeah.
Chris Buck So take a look.
Fade to black.

Scene opens up as Elsa accidentally freezes a part of a table. The ice spreads and eventually shatters a vase.

Elsa No, no, no, no, no. [Looks at her hands.] Calm yourself. Control yourself. [Anna opens the door behind her.]
Anna Elsa?
Elsa hastily grabs a nearby cloth and covers the broken vase with it. Anna then steps into the room, dripping wet with seaweed in her hair.
Anna I'm here! [Exhausted.] I'm back! [Shuts the door behind her.]
Elsa What happened to you? [She raises her hand questioningly.]
Anna Pig, pie ... [Looks through the curtains into the closet.] I mean, not a pig pie, [She enters the closet.] but pig and pie. [She sticks her head out after tossing out several items of clothing.] And ocean. [Continues rummaging through the dressing room.] Where's my rose dress?
Elsa Still recovering from the last time you wore it. [A shoe flies out from the curtains and hits the wall behind to Elsa.]
Anna Oh! Right! Sorry!
Elsa Please don't make a mess.
Anna [Gasps.] Ooh! [She springs out of the closet, wearing a formal purple dress with disorderly patterns splayed over it.] How about this? Haha!
Elsa Mmm-mmm, you are not wearing that to my coronation. [Picks up pieces of clothing.]
Anna Okay! Hmm! [She rips off the dress and pokes her head through the curtains.] Hmm... hmm, hmm. [Gasps.] What is this? [She leaps out with a baggy orange and green dress on.] Ooh! Ooh, la la! [Runs over to Elsa's side.] My hips are here, my hips are there. Ooh, pardon my behind, young man! [Elsa giggles and turns her back to Anna.] Didn't mean to knock you down. [Chuckles.]
Elsa [Clears throat and faces Anna again.] It was just a gift. 
Anna From whom?
Elsa Oh, I don't know. [Tidies up a pile of clothes and places them on a sofa. She picks up a hat from the heap.] One of the big countries. [She lifts the hat to Anna's head. Anna giggles.]
Elsa Stop goofing around. [She drops the hat on Anna's head and playfully pushes her aside.]
Anna [Heads back into the closet.] I can barely fit in the doorway. Ooh! Found one. [Hops out on a barefoot while wearing a blue dress and a red shoe; she holds the other shoe in her hand] What do you think?
Elsa [As Anna adjusts the shoe already on her foot.] It's fine, but ... No, no no. Those shoes are mine and they're new.
Anna But they match, and I just ruined mine.
Elsa Well, that's your own fault. You shouldn't have worn them out.
Anna I couldn't help it. [Walks over to Elsa while still carrying the other shoe.] I was just too excited.
Elsa [Sighs and grabs the shoe in Anna's hand.] Anna, tell me something. [Places her hands on Anna's shoulders.] When are you going to grow up and start using your head? [The two sisters stare into a mirror.]
Anna [Glancing behind at her sister without turning to face her.] I don't know. [Crosses arms.] When are you going to lighten up and have a heart? [Turns around and smiles.] Please let me borrow your shoes?
Elsa [Sighs and closes her eyes. Opens them while holding up the shoe.] Fine.
Anna [Chuckles.] Thank you.
Elsa By the way, [Rummages through a drawer.] here. [Holds a small package, tied with purple ribbon.]
Anna [Tears well up in her eyes.] You got me a present?
Elsa It's a coronation custom. Now, it means a lot to me, so I need you to take this seriously.
Anna [Points at Elsa.] You love me. You really, really, really love me.
Elsa Ugh. [Holds up a hand and turns away to put the present back into the drawer.] Forget it.
Anna Wait, no, no. Give it to me. [Grabs Elsa from behind.]
Elsa [Surprised.] No, stop ... Anna, get off me.
Anna Ooh! Your hands are cold.
Elsa Stop touching me. [Splays out her arms in a manner that throws Anna backwards and onto the ground. Turns to face her fallen sister.] I can't stand it.
Anna I'm sorry.
Elsa Anna.
Anna [Gets to her feet.] No, no. It's my fault. You hate to be touched. I know that. [Knocking at the door.]
Royal handler It's time.
Elsa [Sighs.] It's time.
Anna It's time.