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"Meet Kristoff"





"Meet Kristoff" is a deleted scene from Frozen, during which Anna meets Kristoff for the first time. The scene served a similar purpose to "Meet Kristoff 2", but both were ultimately replaced by the scene where Anna meets Kristoff in Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna.


A sled pulls up in front of Anna, covering her in snow. A man steps off the sled and offers Anna a towel. As he feeds his reindeer, the man inquires about receiving a reward for bringing news regarding the missing Queen Elsa. Eager for information, Anna introduces herself to the man, who presents himself as "Kristoff Bjorgman". Anna proceeds to ask Kristoff for his information, but he avoids her question and asks again about payment.


Jennifer Lee In earlier versions of the film, Anna stayed in Arendelle for several months before she took off. And the storm just kept getting worse and worse, and everyone was out looking for Elsa. And there was a reward for any news of her. And this is a scene where Kristoff comes ... We meet him for the very first time. [Transitions to a succession of four stills from the scene.] And he shows up perhaps with some news. [Transitions back to directors.] But what we liked about it, this actually, you'll notice some things about this scene that you do see later in Oaken's Trading Post.
Fade to black.

Scene opens with Anna walking through the snow; she glances to her left.

Kristoff [Riding on a sled.] Whoa!
Snow flies onto Anna, causing her to gasp. The reindeer pulling the sled shakes snow from his body and snorts.

Kristoff steps off the sled, his boots and body covered in icicles.

Kristoff [Brushes some icicles off and glances at Anna.] Hmm. [Cut to Anna, who is shivering from the snow covering her body. Kristoff rummages through his sled and throws a towel at Anna.] Catch. [It lands on her face. Kristoff removes his goggles, lowers his mask, and reaches inside his coat for a carrot, which he offers to his reindeer.] Hungry, Sven? [The reindeer takes a bite, after which Kristoff takes one. He turns to Anna.] Where do I get the reward for news of the Queen?
Anna [Still cleaning herself off.] You have news of Queen Elsa? [She rushes forward, dripping with water.] I'm her sister, [Bows.] Princess Anna of Arendelle.
Kristoff Kristoff Bjorgman of ... no place in particular. I'd bow, but [Lifts right leg up stiffly.] my pants are frozen.
Anna Please, sir, what news?
Kristoff Please Princess, [Lifts up his hand, gesturing as if counting money.] what payment?