"Love Can't Be Denied"


Alan Menken

"Love Can't Be Denied" is a song written for Frozen before it became a less direct adaptation of The Snow Queen. The song was ultimately not featured in the finished film since its writer, Alan Menken, left the project.[citation needed]


Love can't be denied
Love must have its way
Once it gets inside
Love is there to stay
Once you let your heart awaken
Love can't be denied

Try to run and hide
Try to slam the door
Love can't be denied
Love keeps wanting more
Love won't let itself be shaken
No matter how I've tried

It flows through my veins
It burns beneath my skin
It calls my name
And says, "You fool! Give in!"

Tear inside the doubt
Cast away your pride
Love can't be kept out
Love can't be denied
Let yourself be overtaken
And swept before the tide

Love's the only thing
No one is above
I can love
That love can't be denied


  • This song has the same title as a song from the movie Winx Club 3D: A Magical Adventure from Winx Club.

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