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I could kiss you!
―Kristoff to Anna

Anna and Kristoff's moments before their first kiss.

The Kristoff and Anna Relationship is a friendship and romantic pairing between Kristoff and Anna. Kristoff and Anna met at Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna, where both were looking for winter supplies. Kristoff and his reindeer Sven guided her to the North Mountain. Along the way, they got to know each other and shared numerous adventures in the mountain. But most importantly, they find love.

Relationship Names

  • Kristoff/Anna - Kanna
  • Kristoff/Anna - Kristanna
  • Anna/Kristoff - Annoff
  • Kristoff/Anna - Kranna
  • Kristoff/Anna - Krisanna
  • Anna/Kristoff - Annstoff


At first, Kristoff opted to accompany Anna as a business arrangement; she purchased the pickaxe, rope and bag of carrots that he himself was unable to afford at Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna. He found Anna's rash decision to marry a man she just met absurd, causing him to openly question her judgment. And after having lost his sled following a run-in with some savage wolves, Kristoff was unwilling to see the journey through, continuing only after Sven convinced him otherwise. However, as the two spent more and more time in each other's company, Kristoff gradually developed feelings for Anna, admiring her fiery yet sweet character, though he suppressed his feelings due to Anna's engagement to Hans.

Kristoff's feelings for Anna became more apparent when he expressed concern at Anna's deteriorating health due to Elsa's curse and chose to take her to the trolls, hoping they would be able to heal her. Unfortunately, it is revealed that the only cure for Anna's ailment was an act of true love. Galvanized into action, Kristoff immediately set off for Arendelle, believing Hans to be Anna's one chance at survival. Upon returning Anna to the castle, his concern was still visibly evident, though he was far too dense to realize his feelings. Suddenly, as a storm developed over the castle, Kristoff realized Anna to be in peril, and, without hesitation, rushed to her aid.

Both were caught in the storm with Elsa and Hans, and just moments from reaching her, Kristoff watched despairingly as Anna turned away to save her sister from Hans' killing blow, sacrificing herself in the process. Afterwards, he lamented Anna's death alongside Elsa, Sven and Olaf, but was overjoyed when she is revived, as her decision to save Elsa was an act of true love. When Hans awoke from his subverted attempt on Elsa's life, Kristoff was angry enough to attack him, but was stopped by Anna, who chose to deal with her fiancé personally. The lesson about love's ability to thaw is learned as Elsa manages to restore summer, during which Anna and Kristoff finally begin their relationship.

Anna and Kristoff's relationship was a wonderful example of a friendship developing into romance. Though they hailed from two completely different worlds, with Anna being royalty and Kristoff being a mountain man, Anna was able to see past Kristoff's tough exterior and gaze upon his sensitive and sweet interior; likewise, Kristoff was able to overlook Anna's impulsive and reckless nature, coming to admire her due to the forces that drove her to act, faith and love.


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  • Anna buys Kristoff the supplies at Wandering Oaken's Trading Post because he doesn't have the money.
  • When Kristoff's sled is ruined, Anna promises him that she would buy him a new sled if they made it back to Arendelle. At the end of the movie, she kept her promise.
  • When Kristoff and Anna are riding on Kristoff's sled starting their journey to finding Elsa, Anna tells Kristoff about the story of why it happened. When she tells him about discovering Hans and getting engaged, Kristoff was very shocked and surprised, and kept questioning about her engagement with someone she barely knows.
  • When the wolves chased Kristoff and Anna on their sled, Kristoff was protective of her. When he fell off the sled, she helped to get him back up and chase the wolves away.
  • When they were about to jump over the cliff, Kristoff threw Anna on Sven to make sure she'd get to the other side, even though it risked himself falling off the cliff.
  • Kristoff told Anna that she'd kill herself if she tried to get up that mountain the way she was doing it.
  • Kristoff caught Anna in his arms' bridal style when she let herself fall from the cliff.
  • After Elsa struck Anna in the heart, Kristoff rushed to Anna to help her.
  • After Arendelle's winter curse is lifted, Kristoff goes to punch Hans, but Anna does it herself instead.
  • As she said earlier in the film, Anna keeps her promise to Kristoff of replacing his sled and everything that was in it.
  • Kristoff told Anna that he could kiss her when Anna showed him the new sled. Anna agreed to the kiss.

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