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Don't worry about me.
―Kristoff to Anna

Kristoff in ice forest
Background information
Feature films Frozen
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Jonathan Groff (adult)
Tyree Brown (child)
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Kristoff Bjorgman
Other names
Occupation Ice harvester, mountain man, Arendelle Ice Master and Deliverer
Home Arendelle
Relatives Trolls (adopted family)
Pets Sven
Allies Anna (girlfriend), Sven, Trolls, Olaf, Elsa
Enemies Hans, Marshmallow, wolves
Powers and abilities Strength, outdoor skills
Weapons Pickax, torch, knife

Kristoff Bjorgman[1] was an ice harvester who, alongside his reindeer friend, Sven, was raised by the trolls. He generally kept to himself and only interacted with other humans when necessary, preferring the company of Sven. As such, Kristoff only accompanied Anna on her quest to retrieve Elsa strictly as a business arrangement but would eventually develop feelings for the princess; to this end, he strove to ensure her safety as she worked to restore both summer and her bond with her estranged sister. After summer's return, Kristoff and Anna began a romantic relationship.


Early life

In the early years of his life, Kristoff mostly accompanied the ice harvesters, working hard in spite of his age to earn his place amongst the grown men. One night when he was eight, Kristoff was following the other ice harvesters back to Arendelle on a small sled pulled by Sven. However, he noticed two horses rush past and was surprised when he saw that there was a trail of ice being left behind. Curious, Kristoff abandoned his sled and mounted Sven in the hopes of seeing where the trail of ice led; the two soon reached the Valley of the Living Rock.

Not wanting to be seen by the riders, Kristoff and Sven hid behind a series of rocks. As Kristoff watched the four figures, he was shocked to see some rocks move of their own accord towards the visitors, though he eventually realized that the rocks were in fact, trolls. To his surprise, the rock he and Sven had been hiding behind suddenly sprung to life; this female troll, Bulda, regarded Kristoff and Sven warmly, remarking that she would "keep" them. Then, the trio watched as Pabbie healed a little girl with his magic.

True to her word, Bulda took in Kristoff and Sven, and Kristoff came to regard the trolls as his adopted family.

Frozen summer

Thirteen years later, Kristoff had grown into a self-sufficient ice harvester. He and Sven were present in the village outside of the castle on the day of Elsa's coronation, and they watched the various guests arrive in Arendelle for the momentous occasion. However, Kristoff did not stay to witness Elsa's coronation and as such, was not present for the revelation of her ice powers. Sometime after Elsa cast her winter spell, Kristoff was at the North Mountain, where he encountered a magical weather disturbance generated by the queen during her flight. Due the sudden onset of winter weather conditions in summer, Kristoff headed to Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna to purchase extra equipment.

Kristoff arrived at Oaken's trading post and burst through the door, covered head-to-toe in snow; inside, Oaken greeted him while a young woman, Anna, glanced at his snow-covered appearance with bewilderment. Not interested in making conversation, Kristoff walked right up to Anna, surprising her with his sudden approach, and brusquely asked for her to stand aside so he could grab some carrots. After throwing the carrots onto the counter, Kristoff made for the under-stocked winter department, picking out a pickax and rope while Oaken tried to make friendly conversation, asking about the origin of the stormy weather. As Kristoff replied that the storm was coming from the North Mountain, he brought over the pickax and rope but was dismayed when he found out Oaken was charging four times the amount he had. He pleaded with Oaken, but the trader would not relent, citing "supply and demand" problems, prompting Kristoff to interject that ice harvesting was unprofitable with the current weather.

When Anna heard Kristoff mention the source of the weather, her interest was piqued and she inquired about the nature of the storm, wanting to know if it seemed "magical". However, still irritated at Oaken, Kristoff bluntly told her "yes" and proceeded to insult the store-owner, calling him a "crook". His cheerful disposition evaporating, Oaken became visibly riled, stood up to his full height of seven feet, and violently threw Kristoff face-first into the snow outside. Kristoff regarded Sven with disappointment, stating he wasn't able to purchase carrots, but brightly pointed out that he knew where they could stay for the night: a small barn located within the vicinity of Oaken's trading post.

Accompanying Anna

Within the barn, Kristoff sang a lullaby to Sven while the two prepared themselves to rest for the night. However, they were interrupted by Anna, who asked Kristoff to guide her to the North Mountain. But Kristoff was uninterested, stating he did not "take people places". At this, Anna threw a sack at Kristoff and with a grunt, he sat upright and looked inside, finding the pickax and rope he was unable to purchase. Realizing Anna was setting up a business arrangement, Kristoff stated that they would leave in the morning and added that she had neglected to purchase Sven's carrots. But Kristoff was surprised when Anna threw carrots at his face; with all the authority she could muster, Anna then proclaimed they were to depart immediately. Unsure what to make of Anna, Kristoff offered Sven a carrot while contemplating his decision.

Kristoff decided to follow Anna's orders and they departed for the North Mountain on Kristoff's sled. Hoping to strike up a conversation, Kristoff inquired Anna about what had prompted Elsa to go "all ice-crazy".




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