Halt, You Swine
"Halt, You Swine!"





"Halt, You Swine!" is a deleted scene from Frozen. The scene allowed for the writers to tap into the "physicality" of Anna, and play around with her potential for humor.


Anna finds a young boy, Anders, who is upset after losing his pig, Norm. Anna attempts to comfort him; however he states that he would rather have Elsa help him find the pig. Anna soon spots Norm and gives chase. She pursues Norm through the village leaving a trail of destruction in her path. Anna chases the pig to a tall wall, but falls off. She luckily ends up clinging to the mast of a ship, but sinks slowly into the water. 


Chris Buck Hi, we're the directors of Frozen; I'm Chris Buck.
Jennifer Lee And I'm Jen Lee.
Chris Buck Fade to a still from the deleted scene.

And this is Anna, trying to catch a pig for this little boy that she meets.

Fade back to the directors.

And what we wanted it to do was show Anna's ― the physicality of her, and the humor we get from her; she runs through the town, and she becomes, kind of a menace in town and what the town thinks of her.

Jennifer Lee Yeah, she acts before she thinks.
Chris Buck Right.
Jennifer Lee And that's a quality we liked, but a quality that causes a lot of problems.
Fade to black.

Scene opens with Anna approaching a young boy crying.

Anna Hey, hey, what's wrong, Anders? [She approaches Anders.]
Anders [Sobbing] Norm's missing!
Anna Norm?
Anders My pig! [His sobbing intensifies.]
Anna Well, want me to help you find him? [She lays her hand on his shoulder.]
Anders No! [Turns to Anna.] I want Princess Elsa to help me find him!
Anna I'm surprised you don't know this, Anders: I am the kingdom's top ― pig! [She spots a pig eating apples from a wagon.] Halt, you swine! [Runs over, but knocks the apple wagon.] Ohh, I'm sorry, I'll replace the appl ― ugh! [She runs into a table full of pies and slides across the top of it.] Whoa, whoa! Ughh! [The table swings up and collapses on top of her. She crawls out from beneath it.] Oh, dear, I'm sorry! [Cut to the pie bakers, who are also covered in pie.] I'll help you bake more ... [Cut back to Anna who gets to her feet.]
Bakers No! [They raise their hands in alarm.]
Anna Ugh! [She grabs onto a stilt, and it flings her around.] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Heh! Excuse me, [Cut to the oblivious man operating the stilts.] good sir, [He looks down on his left leg, finding Anna on his stilt.] good sir, please, [She looks to her right from high above, and gasps as she's found the pig again.] follow that pig! [Points to it.]
Norm runs through the town as Anna and the stilt walker crash through a tent, sending skittles flying into the air. People scream in alarm. From the mess of the tent, birds fly away. Anna and the stilt walker continue to chase after the Norm.
Anna Whoa, there he is! The-there he is! Don't let him get away! [Points to pig.] Stay on him!
Norm grunts as he squeezes through a hole in a brick wall. Anna attempts to jump to the wall after the pig by swinging from the stilts. However, her jump nearly causes her to slide off of the other side, and she struggles to gain her balance, but falls nevertheless.
Anna [She grabs onto a bunting attached to the mast of a boat.] Whoa ... Oof! [The bunting snaps and sends her slamming into the mast. She manages to regain her balance for a short while.] Ohhkay. [Her weight on the mast causes her to sink in the water.]


  • A section of "Meet Olaf" and "Wolves" can be heard playing in the background.

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