A Tale of Two Sisters
Frozen: A Tale of Two Sisters






October 1, 2013



Frozen: A Tale of Two Sisters is a book based on Frozen. This book features Elsa and Anna. The events in the book are similar to those in the movie, only re-written for young readers.


Elsa and Anna are the royal sisters of Arendelle. When Elsa becomes queen, she accidentally creates a snowstorm in the entire kingdom! Join the adventure, encounter mystical trolls, meet a funny snowman, and anxiously wait to see if the sisters can save the kingdom in time.


Anna and Elsa wish for a sister more like them, for each other to somehow change their sisterly differences. Throughout the years, they compare each other with themselves and find nothing in common. With Elsa being "as prickly as an urchin" and Anna as "stubborn as a mule", together they're the perfect sisterly pair, perfectly fine the way they are.

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