Eldora is a kingdom a few days by sea from Arendelle. It is known in neighboring kingdoms for having a hot climate year-round.


Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven traveled to Eldora after they heard that it was trapped in an eternal summer.


Citizens of Eldora

Eldora has prosperous fishing activity on its coasts.

Eldora is accessible by sea. The kingdom is based within a desert, making it susceptible to sandstorms. Due to the hot climate, there is little moisture, and what once was a lake bed has become dry and barren. Additionally, there are very few plants, save for some small shrubs. The landscape is mostly flat, with the exception of the hills in which the castle is nestled.

However, fish surround the coast and are abundant enough to be caught and sold in the market. There are also shepherds who guide their flocks around the fringes of the central kingdom. Out in the desert, wild boar roam free. These present enough of a threat to the citizens that they keep the perimeter of the town guarded by archers.


To cope with the extreme heat, the citizens wear long flowing shirts and colorful scarfs wrapped around their heads.


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